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  • An image of an enamel pin featuring the Ace of Pentacles tarot card with a black cat perched on top of a golden coin. The card is depicted with intricate details and bright colors, including green leaves and pink flowers surrounding the coin. The words "Ace of Pentacles" are written in elegant script at the bottom of the card. The black cat, with its piercing yellow eyes and arched back, adds a touch of mystery and magic to the design.
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"Ace of Pentacles" Cat Tarot Card Enamel Pin

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The ace of pentacles card represents abundance, manifestation, and a new financial or career opportunity. It represents good things coming your way and tells you that it's time for you to go ahead with your plans because you're ready to manifest your goals.

...also, it's a cat and a big coin!

These enamel pins are approximately 3cm tall and perfect to decorate your backpack, purse, jacket, or pin display board at home! This listing is for one (1) enamel pin, and one will be chosen at random. The one you receive may or may not be pictured.


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