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Arfvedsonite Bracelet 8mm

Arfvedsonite Bracelet 8mm

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These bracelets are made of all arfvedsonite beads and are stunningly gorgeous! This listing is for one (1) bracelet. One will be chosen at random and it may or may not be pictured.

Arfvedsonite is a rare and beautiful mineral sought by collectors and healers alike.  In the metaphysical world, arfvedsonite is considered a powerful tool for psychics and expanding one's consciousness. In crystal healing, arfvedsonite helps you see the light within yourself. It sparks your appreciation for your true nature and allows you to be comfortable in your own body. 

Like most black stones, arfvedsonite is used to remove negative energies. Particularly, the stone is excellent at removing your negative feelings that you feel towards yourself. Use it to crush your own negative thoughts so that you can move on to fresher ideas. 


Please see the pictures and/or video of each listing to view the item's condition. Please note that due to the nature of crystals/stones, each one may have slight imperfections, including on carved pieces.

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