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Dragon Bloodstone Skull (.9kg)

Dragon Bloodstone Skull (.9kg)

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This gorgeous skull is hand-carved from dragon bloodstone (dragon blood jasper) and is a gorgeous display piece! The jaw has been carved out. It weighs a whopping .9kg and measures approximately 10.75cm from front to back.

  • According to ancient legend, Dragon's Blood Jasper is believed to be the remains of deceased dragons, with the green of the stone meant to be the skin and the red being the blood. 

    In The New Crystal Bible, Cassandra Eason tells us that Dragon's Blood Jasper is an excellent aid for mothers in dealing with understanding their children. She also suggest keeping a Dragon's Blood Stone in a jar with a few coins in a area where the sun can shine on it to bring wealth to the household.

    Melody tells us in the Love is in the Earth that Dragon's Blood Jasper is an intense healing stone and a "stone of courage" that can bring the power of renewal to any endeavor. She also tells us it will enhance your creative talents when worn during creative activities.

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