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Honey Calcite Mini Sphere - 34mm (A)

Honey Calcite Mini Sphere - 34mm (A)

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This gorgeous honey calcite mini sphere is about 34mm and weighs approximately 55g. It has gorgeous flashes and a rainbow in it! It comes with a small sphere stand so you can display this beautiful piece wherever you'd like!

Honey calcite links to the third chakra, as well as the solar plexus chakra, in order to boost motivation and confidence. The yellow glow of this stone is what fills the solar plexus with the sense of empowerment. From a place of feeling motivated and confident, the honey calcite point empowers you in accomplishing your long-term goals.

Honey calcite will also inspire you in having determination and faith in breaking out of your old patterns, so you may gain new experiences and move forward in newer direction. The honey calcite may be beneficial in overcoming procrastination and releasing fears, in order to move past of your blockages.


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