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The Wandering Fox Emporium

Mtrolite (Emerald Chalcedony)

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This gorgeous mtrolite specimen is approximately 40g and is approximately 3.5cm by 3.5 cm.

Chalcedony can present in a few different colors, but it’s mainly known and most popular in it’s blue hue.  It’s a stone with wonderfully gentle almost dreamy energy. Said to foster balance between mind, body and spirit, it is a stone of peace and calm. Told to reduce and often negate feelings of anger, irritation and hostility, Chalcedony absorbs the negative energy then dissipates it to prevent forward movement of the negativity.

A creative and nurturing stone, not only does it alleviate melancholy, Chalcedony is known to open the mind to new ideas, enhancing receptivity and responsiveness and is told to help the mind assimilate new ideas.  Creating constructive inward reflection, it symbolizes benevolence, enhancing generosity, and an enthusiastic personal outlook on life. Blue Chalcedony soothes and fosters mental and emotional stability and can engender emotional honesty.

It is also considered the Speaker’s Stone, imparting mental flexibility, verbal dexterity, improving memory. Chalcedony also enhances listening skills and communication, encouraging reflection and meditation preparing one for action, and stimulates the mind to make new languages easier to learn. In addition, it is known to be of assistance in helping one hold back words that must be measured, so as not to feel regret later.