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Mystic Merlinite (Indigo Gabbro) Sphere (D)

Mystic Merlinite (Indigo Gabbro) Sphere (D)

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This gorgeous Mystic Merlinite (Indigo Gabbro) sphere is about 48mm and weighs approximately 165g. It comes with a small sphere stand so you can display this beautiful piece wherever you'd like!

Indigo gabbro's energy literally grabs you and pulls you down towards the Earth, helping you to focus and overcome distractions. Also called merlinite or mystical merlinite, it is a magical, intuitive and spiritual stone. An indigo gabbro stone is one of the most beneficial stones for meditation and connecting to the spiritual realm. It is often the preferred stone among healers and psychics because the merlinite meaning is unifying the spiritual world with life on earth.

The indigo gabbro, or Mystic Merlinite meaning awakens an understanding of your spiritual gifts and intuitive abilities. One of the most interesting gabbro uses is expanding knowledge and insight. It is believed that using a Mystic Merlinite stone attracts teachers, visitors or other clear messages into your dreams and meditations, making it an excellent stone for intuitive learning and connecting with higher consciousness.


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