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Tiger's Eye Mini Rune Set (24 runes)

Tiger's Eye Mini Rune Set (24 runes)

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This gorgeous mini rune set is a complete 24 stone set that comes with a guide book and a velvet bag (10cm tall). The symbols are stamped onto the mini tiger's eye stones. These are excellent divination tools and the perfect size to carry around! You will receive ONE (1) set of runes.

Keep Tiger’s Eye as a stone of luck and good fortune to attract a steady flow of money to the home. It is ideal for entrepreneurs and those setting out in business for the first time; also for those building up skills and a knowledge base for major career changes in the future. 

Tiger’s Eye warns against complacency and emboldens one to “step out of the box” in order to grow and challenge one’s artistic and creative talents, physical abilities and trying something new. Use as a support stone for determination and to overcome fear during exams, competitions, public performances, selling one’s creations in the market place, or presenting ideas in important meetings.

Please see the pictures and/or video of each listing to view the item's condition. Please note that due to the nature of crystals/stones, each one may have slight imperfections, including the rune printing on the stones.

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