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Ching Hai "Jade" Skull 2"

Ching Hai "Jade" Skull 2"

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These Ching Hai "Jade" skulls are hauntingly beautiful! They are hand-carved out of Ching Hai "Jade" and each piece is totally unique! One will be chosen at random and may or may not be pictured. Due to the nature of the crystal, each one will look different. Each skull is approximately 2" long (5cm) and between 75-90g.

Ching Hai "Jade" is actually not a jade - it's the name for a natural combination of dolomite, fuchsite and occasionally other minerals. As such, this stone takes on the properties of dolomite and fuchsite.

Dolomite soothes hurt, loneliness, and quells anxiety. Facilitates giving and receiving, generosity, spontaneity, creativity and an energy uplift. This stone encourages charitable actions.

Fuchsite works to infuse the heart chakra with love and healing vibrations while bringing on positive thoughts and creative energy. At the same time, it brings a sense of peace, serenity, and gentle encouragement. While it helps to fill our minds and spirit with hope, it also offers a reminder that we are able to choose happiness and let go of internal struggles.

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