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Herkimer Diamond with Mica Inclusions (#12)

Herkimer Diamond with Mica Inclusions (#12)

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This Herkimer diamond has black Anthraxiolite and Mica inclusions inside and outside! This is a GENUINE Herkimer diamond (be careful when shopping for Herkimer diamonds - many sellers label their double-terminated quartz as "Herkimer diamonds" but only true Herkimer diamonds come from a particular area in New York, USA. If they are from any other area, they are not Herkimer diamonds - they are double-terminated quartz. These Herkimer diamonds were purchased directly from our supplier mine in New York, so rest assured that these are genuine Herkimer diamonds!

This Herkimer diamond is approximately 27mm long and about 11g. You will receive the exact Herkimer diamond pictured.

Herkimer diamonds are not diamonds - they are double-terminated quartz found in the Herkimer area in New York, USA. Herkimer Diamonds are known to be the most powerful of all quartz crystals. They are known to be powerful high vibration crystals that boost clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities. Herkimer diamonds are an "attunement stone," useful for attuning to another person, group, or environment.

Mica is often associated with clarity, self-reflection, and self-awareness. It is believed to help individuals see their true selves and gain insight into their thoughts and behaviours. Some people use mica as a protective stone, believing it can shield against negative energy, psychic attacks, and negative influences. It is said to form a reflective barrier that deflects harmful energies.


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