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Mini Selenite Moon Bowls

Mini Selenite Moon Bowls

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These mini selenite crescent moon bowls are perfect for putting your favourite pocket crystal or piece of jewellery on to charge and/or cleanse! They could possibly hold 1 or 2 small tumbled stones. Please see the pictures and pay attention to the sizes of these, as they are mini bowls and not very deep. This listing is for one (1) mini bowl, and you can pick the one that calls to you. One of the moons is actually a charging plate (not a bowl), but it can be used in the same way.

These mini bowls are about 7-8cm long from end to end.

Selenite is celebrated for the transparency and ethereal radiance its crystals provide. Like the moon, it reflects a pure beam of white light into any environment in which it rests, and is believed to contain the liquid Light of Spirit inhabiting the place between light and matter. Selenite inspires a profound peace, and carries a fine, high frequency and intensity of energy that surpasses nearly all stones for opening, clearing, and activating the Crown and Higher Crown Chakras. It is ideal for meditation, spiritual work, connecting to ancient wisdom and knowledge, and is one of the best crystals for accessing one’s spirit guides and the angelic realm.

While Selenite is an ancient crystal, it is one of the most powerful for the new vibration on earth, attuned to the greater good of all beings. It is a beautiful means for accessing and grounding the Light Body of an individual, and for opening one to the higher levels of Self. It is highly effective for advancement of the mind and mental powers, particularly for developing telepathic communications between like-minded people. Selenite is thought to possesses the ability to hold information within its structure and is best used in telepathy by one person beaming a thought or message into the crystal, which can then be attuned to and retrieved by a second individual. It may also be used to scry the truth of a situation that has happened in its presence, and is reputed to hold earth’s own recorded history within its linear markings.

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