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The Wandering Fox Emporium

Tibetan Tektite (Small - 10g) Crystal - The Wandering Fox Emporium, Your Crystal Store

Tibetan Tektite (Small - 10g) Crystal - The Wandering Fox Emporium, Your Crystal Store

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These Tibetan tektite pieces are so cute and a perfect addition to your collection! These are sold in sets of 10g each (not individually sold). 10g might be approximately 5-8 pieces - you can see an example of a 10g set in the first and second pictures. The amount held in the hand is 10g. Each piece is approximately 1-3g and the size/shape varies, but an average is about 1-2.5cm long. This listing is for one (1) set of 10g of Tibetan tektite. The pieces will be chosen at random and may or may not be pictured.

  • Tibetan tektite is one of our favourites! Tektite is the name given to a glassy material which is the result of an extra-terrestrial meteorite impact on the Earth’s surface. Moldavite, for example, is another tektite. The terrestrial material (rocks/sediments) at the impact site either melted, vapourized, or both and were ejected into the Earth’s atmosphere. Subsequently, molten material re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere and cooled rapidly but scattering far from the original impact zone, these are known as “strewn fields”.

    Tektites are ideal meditative tools, helping one to expand the consciousness into the highest frequencies. They have an empowering effect on people and can help to increase synchronicities and connections. Tektites have an invigorating effect on the aura, allowing it to expand and ‘throw off’ energetic debris, leading to a more responsive, free-flowing energetic body.

  • Please see the pictures and/or video of each listing to view the item's condition. Please note that due to the nature of crystals/stones, each one may have slight imperfections, including on carved pieces.

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